The big smile, the wide shoulders and the blue eyes behind the decks, and a room that goes completely loose. That’s Maus!

Maus, in daily life known as Maurice, began his music early in his early years. Like many of his illustrious DJ colleagues, he started in his attic room. Inspired by the many drive in shows, he mixes the 12 inch plates for hours. This hobby eventually resulted in a local radio assistant. Working at the radio caused a huge expansion of his musical knowledge. At the end of his teens, she entered the Netherlands. The first touch with this music meant the beginning of a long-lasting love relationship. A love, among others, in a daily search for new music to handle in his sets. Although his sets clearly have a signature, no one will be exactly the same.

After years of turning mainly for friends, it was often after one of the many festivals he visited with friends, it became time for the bigger work. In October 2012 the first edition of the Pleasure Lounge organized by a group of friends was organized. A concept that, in recent years, has become a great success thanks to Maus’ residence.

However, his major breakthrough Maus experienced during Guestzone’s 5 year anniversary, beginning of 2015. Members of Party Website Guestzone were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite DJ. The reactions were overwhelming and Maus won this election with shine. It was no more than logical that he was asked for the next edition.

The result was a series of gigs, including: Kinky on the Beach, Atmosphere, Pleasure Lounge Outdoor, Mysterious Dreamzz, Booming, and Canal Pride Amsterdam. Even on some island of Ibiza, he provided a guest kit on Borah Borah.

2017 has so far been a busy year for Maus. He is resident of the famous Crazyland, like last year. This concept, known from the big festivals at Hemkade, is sold out time after time. Maus is now a popular DJ in the Netherlands. Last year he featured Bitch, Pleasure Time, Lollypop, Corto Dimanche, Secretz and Kinky on the beach. The absolute highlight of Maus was on August 13, 16, then he made his debut at the Crazyland internship at the world-renowned Dancevalley festival in Spaarnwoude where he will be on stage again and again this year.

Maus’s sets are characterized by a lot of variation, striking bass lines occasionally accompanied by vocals. No beeps and beeps like many EDM dj’s, but sturdy pure progressive house as it is meant to be. By varying widely and constantly stopping the public’s vibe, he ensures that the energy remains intact.