Nieuwe Release: Tribal knaller ‘Cochise’ Maus & Orson Welsh by Kid Massive – Get Down Recordings

Two Dj’s with totally different styles in music. Two Dj’s with a tremendous amount of passion for their profession. Two Dj’s who get along extremely well.

Because of this friendship and mutual passion quite often they can be found in one another’s studio. That’s where two worlds converged in their newly produced track ‘Cochise’

We’re talking about Maus and Orson. Both gentlemen are highly valued artists in the Dance scene. Valued by organisations like Dance Valley, Crazyland, Corto Dimanche, BLSSD, Sunsetterz, ROOF, Club Ensuite, Matrixx etc.

Maus, known as Maurice in daily life, started out quite early to get his bearings in music. Just like many of his distinguished DJ colleagues, Maus started out in his attic room. Inspired by a multitude of drive-in shows he would mix 12 inch records together for hours. Eventually, this hobby resulted in a “sidejob” at a local radio station. The opportunity to work at a radio station considerably increased his musical knowledge.

However, his big breakthrough Maus experienced during the “5 year anniversary” of Guest Zone, in early 2015.

Currently Maus has become a high in demand  artist in the Netherlands.

Maus’s sets are often distinguished by a lot of variation,pounding bass lines, occasionally accompanied by vocals. No peeps and bleeps like many EDM DJs, but rather solid, pure progressive House the way it is meant to be. By varying a lot and constantly probing the crowd’s vibe, Maus keeps the energy flowing.

Orson Welsh

This year, Orson Welsh will celebrate his 28th anniversary as a DJ. Once upon a time he started out in a local Discotheque in the eastern part of the country. After that he got involved in the Dutch Dj Championships. In 1996 he even won first prize!

By now, this humble man, has stood behind the decks everywhere in the world. Producing his own tracks is his passion. In 2014 his remake of “Strings of Life” became a massive hit. For 8 weeks this track was number 1 in the Traxsource Tech House 100. Supported by big names like Tod Terry, Mark Knight and Umek.

Maus and Orson have obviously met in the scene. Maurice as a Big Room DJ and Orson as a Funky and Real House DJ. In spite of their love for very different styles in music, they connected instantly.

Together they produced the Tribal Big Room stunner ‘Cochise’ under the label of Kid Massive-Get Down Recordings. Now the track is even hyped by, for example,DANNIC.

Two worlds that converge in a great track, beyond dope!